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Itinerary - hiking at the Kukavica Mountain

kukavica2.jpgThe Kukavica Mountain stretches along the southern side of Leskovac, between two rivers, the Južna Morava and the Veternica,  with the Vlaina Peak at 1442 meters above sea level. A particular advantage of this mountain lies in the fact that it is only 16 km away from Leskovac, as the generator of dispersive outing movement. It is connected with suburban buss lines with frequent departures, along a road with modern paving.

The intake of visitors is limited at the locality.

Possible approaches to the peak on the Leskovac side are from two directions:

  • Leskovac - Strojkovce - Čukljenik - Vlaina - 28 km
  • Leskovac - Vučje - peak of Kukavica - about 40 km

At the peak, and its close vicinity, there are three facilities: The Republican Hydrometeorological Institute of Belgrade, the PSD Mountain Lodge "Kukaviva" of Leskovac, and the "Vlaina" Hotel and the "Srbija Šume Beograd" lumber camp of Vranje.

Below the peak there is a sky lane 600 m long and 100 m wide, at an average inclination of 22 %.

Kukavica is an ideal place for:

  • preparation of sportsmen/women
  • Climbing and hiking in natural surrounding
  • country tourism
  • gathering of medicinal herbs

An important fact is also that from here, from Vladičin Han, it is possible to continue on in the direction of Lake Vlasinsko.

banja2.jpgThe Sijarinska Spa

The Sijarinska Spa dates back to the time of the Romans, for which a number of sites bear witness.

It's existence was recorded in the Middle Ages (the remains of a medieval church still stand on a hill above the spa), but it was mostly developed during the time of the Turks who, in the second half of the 17th century, erected a built communal bath and two other spa buildings. The Sijarinska Spa is sited on the banks of the river Jablanica.

The Sijarinska Spa is 53 km from Leskovac, at the foot of Mt. Goljak, at an altitude of 520 m. It is surrounded by low mountains with altitudes varying from 695 m (Stubica) to 1,033 m (Šanac), and with a thick oak and beech forest covering 50 km of the surrounding. It shelters the spa from winds and the penetration of cold air masses. The occurrence of fog has not been recorded. The climate is sub-Alpine with micro-climatic specificities. The spa is reached as follows:

  • by the Belgrade - Niš - Leskovac motorway
  • by the Leskovac - Priština regional road
  • by railway (Belgrade - Niš - Athens)


 Natural Medicinal Factors

The spa has springs of mineral water (32 - 72°C). There is also sulfurized mud. In the spa there is hot water geyser whose water volumn reaches the height of 8 m, and a periodic geyser which erupts at ten minute intervals.

Medicinal Indicatons

At the spa you can be treated for the following rheumatic and other conditions: rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, gout, anemia, lung disease, stomach disorders, intestinal afflictions, kidney disease, disorders of the liver and gall bladder, minor heart defects, and gynecological complaints.

Address:: Sijarinska Spa, Hotel "Гејзер", Тelephone: 016/859-152.

The Pasha's drinking fountain

 pasina.jpgIt is located 10 km from Leskovac. The position, ground configuration and richness in conifer and oak woods over an area of 86 hectares makes the grounds attractive for sports, recreation, hunting and fishing.

They are easy to get to. They are only a few kilomiters from the city, so that you can even get there on a bike.

It is located on the road which forks to the right at the "Tri šešira" (Three Hats) crossroads towards Bojnik, and comes just after the village of Turekovac.


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